What Fitness Tracker Do Professionals Use

Have you ever asked yourself this question, ” what fitness tracker do professionals use?”

Fitness Tracker Do Professionals Use
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Fitness, the state of being fit. A phrase we are all too familiar with. Sadly, we do not always take it as seriously as we should. Fitness encompasses being healthy both physically and mentally.

Being physically fit is not an indicator of general body fitness. Physical fitness paves the path for mental fitness. As the external body system needs to be functioning properly for one to have an equally functioning mental system. The possibilities of a generally fit person are endless.

This is because their immune system is always up to par and so they would be able to avoid falling prey to disease and illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. 

While exercise and work out sessions are a key way to stay in peak condition, they are not the only way. To be fit, you would need to cut back on junks as well as foods with a lot of calories.

Also, you would need to get accustomed to eating right and on time, cutting off bad habits that include smoking and excessive drinking. This would help keep your body in peak condition. 

Remember, your internal system cannot function properly if the external system is not being maintained properly and vice versa. You should always see your body as a machine, treat your body the way you would a new car. 

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Why do you need to keep fit?

There are a plethora of reasons as to why an individual should keep fit. They include:

Physical Look

If we were to look at body fitness from an aesthetic point of view, we would find that individuals who maintain body fitness are quite attractive. They are usually in great shape and have optimum weight, their structure is well defined, their posture is firm, and they are generally eye-catching.

Stay Healthy

Away from the aesthetics, we find that keeping fit is the best way to avoid certain illnesses that include high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and diabetes. Keeping fit is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of having a heart attack. 

Once the mind and body are relaxed, the body system functions at peak condition. This is the most effective way to equip the immune system with all the tools it requires to fight Intruders that try to attack the body system. 

Individuals with compromised and weakened immune systems easily fall prey to a variety of diseases and infections. Eating large portions of unhealthy foods, engaging in habits like smoking and drinking are very easy ways to weaken one’s immune system. 

With a healthy and uncompromised immune system, diseases and infections would be the least of your worries.


Staying in great shape keeps your body strong and gives you the much-needed endurance to help you cope with the activities of the day. If you easily get exhausted after a little bit of work or activity, it’s probably because you haven’t been working out.

Exercise builds up endurance in our bodies, strengthens our bones and joints.

Natural Remedy

For conditions like insomnia, exercise is known to be a natural remedy as it relaxes your body and your mind. Staying in great shape is ideal for providing you with a healthier state of mind.

The health benefits of keeping fit cannot be overemphasized. When the body is fit, it performs at optimum conditions making it very easy to recover from illnesses in a very short time.  

If we were to carry out a study on the recovery rate of two individuals, we would find that the individual who leads a healthy lifestyle would recover faster than the other individual who does not engage in fitness activities.


An important fact to note is that keeping fit takes a lot of work to achieve but it’s all worth it. You would even need to keep tabs on calories and other information to help track your progress and this is where fitness trackers come in to play. 

Developments in science and technology have done everyone a whole world of good particularly with the creation of the fitness trackers. It’s already been established that keeping fit takes a whole lot of work particularly when it comes to calculation of several health parameters, the fitness tracker helps simplify that problem. 

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What Is A Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device or gadget that helps track parameters and it is usually worn for the entirety of the day. These trackers help calculate and check out the progress in the journey to stay in great shape. 

Fitness trackers vary in functions, but they are excellent for calculation of calories, distance, heart rate, and other important parameters. The tracker gets data from your activities daily and syncs it to your smartphone or it could simply be displayed on the tracking device. 

For the tracker to effectively function, you would be required to enter personal information that includes sex, height, and weight. The information entered would help the tracker get accustomed to your activities. It will help interpret and attain data pertaining to your activities more accurately.

The process of entering your physiological data is what is termed personalization and it helps the tracker process data more accurately and efficiently. If you do not personalize your tracker, the device might encounter difficulties in tracking your activities and calculation of parameters. 

A fitness tracker is like your very own fitness pal. It tells you when to workout, gives you information on calories burnt and distance covered in the course of the day. 

Video: 5 Benefits of Using Fitness Trackers

This video will let you know more about the benefits of fitness trackers.

Benefits of Using A Fitness Tracker

The benefits of using a fitness tracker are quite numerous, let us explore a few of them:


Everyone wants to get fit; everyone wants to stay healthy and so we set goals. In our bid to achieve fitness, we set the predetermined time at which we plan to have achieved body fitness. This is an excellent goal, but it is vague. 

This is so because the results from leading a healthy lifestyle do not manifest immediately, it takes a while. For this reason, we cannot properly hold on to our goals and we might let them go in the end. Trackers eliminate this problem; they allow users to set goals for themselves for the day. 

It could be 5,000 steps in a day or completing a workout session or burning a certain number of calories. Whatever the goal is, you get excited at the end of the day when you see the numbers on your screen with a sign that you have achieved your goal for the day. 

While you might not see the bodily changes immediately, completion of daily goals helps one look forward to creating and achieving more daily goals. In this way, you would find yourself taking an actual interest in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Get Up and Go

Only a handful of people in the entire world do not find alarms and reminders annoying. True, they help us achieve goals, but they frustrate us in the process particularly when we use the snooze feature. 

Fitness trackers help us achieve our goals by sending us daily and even hourly reminders of activities we need to perform. Some of the trackers even have features that create time to allow you to focus on your breathing. 

With trackers, the problem of forgetting to perform a particular activity is completely eradicated.

Set Your Own Goals

No one understands your body system better than yourself and for this reason, your fitness schedule should be tailored to suit you perfectly. The fitness trackers give users the opportunity to set their own goals and at their own time.

Eating Right

Garbage in, garbage out! A major part of keeping fit is eating right. Exercise alone cannot get your body in peak condition; you would need to eat healthy foods. 

Fitness trackers usually have features that help you create a diet regimen sure to help you achieve your goals even faster.

Check Progress

Fitness trackers come with sensors that help track movement, heart rate, calories, and elevation. After performing a variety of activities, the tracker provides the user with a summary of activities performed.

This would allow the user to ascertain how far they have gone towards achieving their goals.

How Do Fitness Trackers Work?

Fitness trackers are high technological devices equipped with different sensors that enable them to perform their functions as best as they can. Familiarizing oneself with the sensors would give an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of a fitness tracker.

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Video: How Do Fitness Trackers Work?

Watch this video to know how fitness trackers work.

Three-Axis Accelerometer

This is the primary sensor and it is used to detect motion. It detects the start of motion, end of motion and intensity of motion as well. 

For the duration of time, the tracker is powered up and in use, it can easily detect if the wearer is standing still, walking or running.


This is also used as a form of a sensor as it calculates the total distance


The altimeter sensor helps to detect elevation. Trackers that are able to sense and count the number of steps taken by the wearer do so with the help of a built-in altimeter.

Optical Sensors

These are able to measure your pulse, they do so by shining a light on your skin. This comes in handy during workout sessions as it can determine just how intense your workout session is.


This sensor rotates about an axis and is very effective for determining whether the user is standing still, sitting or lying down.


This sensor performs the same function an altimeter does. It measures atmospheric pressure and it is used to measure altitude. With the help of a barometer, the tracker can easily determine how many stairs you have climbed as well as other climbing activities.

It is important to note that not all fitness trackers have these sensors. While some trackers might have all the sensors listed above, some trackers might not have them. It helps to know the sensors contained in the fitness tracker before you make a purchase.

Fitness trackers also work very closely with smartphones. Data attained from activities performed by the wearer is usually synced to the smartphone. Here, the data is processed into useful algorithms presented in the form of statistics to aid easy understanding.

Type of Fitness Trackers

Basic Fitness Trackers

This type is mostly optimized by individuals who perform activities that would require them to go a long distance. The basic trackers have GPS to track route and distance gone. 

It is also equipped with an accelerometer that helps detect the type of movement being carried out by the user. These trackers can sync the attained data to your smartphone, or the activities performed could simply be displayed on the tracker itself.

Heart Rate Monitoring Trackers

These use sensors that can easily monitor changes in the heart rate. They do basically everything a basic fitness tracker can do. They also have added functions in that they combine pulse rate measurements to ascertain the number of calories burnt. This tracker can detect workout activities as well.

Heart Rate Monitoring Tracker with GPS

This measures the heart rate as well. This is a great device for cyclists as its GPS feature would help measure the distance gone. As well as to provide a map of the total route gone through in the course of the workout.

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The Apple Watch

Apple devices have never failed to marvel at the world. From their phones to their tablets and even down to their Hi-Tech watches, they have always succeeded in creating devices with the most unique experiences. 

The apple watch is a truly remarkable device and one that has superseded all expectations. Contained in the watch are so many features, it can basically perform the functions of a smartphone. One of its most outstanding features is its fitness tracker.

 As a result, most people make use of the device specifically for its fitness tracking abilities. The apple watch is not just a basic fitness tracker as its function goes way beyond the usual counting of steps walked in a day. 

It monitors heart rate, calculates calories, measures elevation, detects fall and detects work out Activity as well. The key features of the apple watch fitness tracker include:

The Rings

These mark the central display of the watch. The watch has three colored rings- the blue ring, the red ring, and the green ring. Each of these rings is used to represent the stand, move and exercise function respectively. 

As you achieve your goal for the day, the ring completes itself. At the start of a new day, the rings are empty, and you would need it to engage in activities to get them filled up once again.

After a while, you would need to step up the intensity of activities performed as the rings would require more activities to get filled up.

Activity Application

For things to go smoothly, an organization is key. The activity app is like an organization tool that helps track activities performed, time and duration in which they were performed. It is precisely what you need to check your progress. 

It also displays the rings for each day and lets you see how well you performed on those days. Information on the apple watch is easily synced to the user’s iPhone and gives a thorough breakdown of activities carried out.

The activity application provides an avenue for adding friends who use the watch and getting acquainted with them and their work out routine. After adding friends, a feature on the activity application allows you to enter contests with friends. 

This is where you earn points and at the end of the challenge. The competitor with the highest points is declared the winner.

Workout Application

As the name implies, the workout application helps organize your work out activities and helps the user add workouts. The work out features include:





High-intensity interval training




Others (This feature helps you add workouts that are not available on the work out application)

For most of the work out activities contained in the work out application, there are two options for outdoor and indoor activities, these are very helpful as they aid accurate measurements of the user’s activity.

The apple watch has so many other features that make it stand out among other tracking devices including the fall detection and breathe application.

If you are truly set on getting fit and staying in shape, a fitness tracker would do you a whole world of good. It’s accurate, efficient and would never give up on you!

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